Future proof your organisation ('Geef je organisatie toekomst') is the book Dirk Anton has written with Kim Castenmiller. With it, executives can create a roadmap to the future and solve any issue the may encounter on their journey.  

As of September 2016 the book is used as the foundation of the module 'Towards an agile organisation' at Saxion Parttime School (NL). 

You can order the book via the book's website, bol.com or managementboek.nl

This book is different and stunning. The insights are so many, that you read it and think “how the hell am I going to remember this tomorrow morning!”. A book full of wisdom to pick up again and again to see “how did they formulate this?”. I like it!
— Tex Gunning, CEO TNT Express

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This book is different from other management books in that it contains no single model. This book takes you - the leader - on a journey; a journey that starts and ends at the same point. Yourself.
— Ido Shikma, VP HR Europe Prologis

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