Background and Education

Born and raised in Eindhoven, Dirk Anton van Mulligen (1967) attended the Lorentz Lyceum. From there he went on to study Business Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He majored in  Management and Organisational Science, took extra classes in Corporate Psychology and Corporate Sociology and wrote his thesis on Innovation.

A defining moment during this period was witnessing the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

A clarifying assessment

After two years of working as a Business Consultant, Dirk Anton joined the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1992. Part of the procedure was an assessment for academic government personnel.

His test score turned out to be exceptional. This assessment explained why, after finishing university, he kept on developing himself. This drive led Dirk Anton to study well over a thousand non-fiction books on subjects relevant for being a successful executive coach and management consultant. He is always on the lookout for cutting edge material just outside the mainstream, to give his clients a competitive edge.

Comprehensive expertise

His coaching expertise covers subjects as:

  • strategy, leadership and personal development
  • performance optimization and neuro-sciences
  • team building and group dynamics
  • corporate politics and executive 'martial arts'
  • change- and transition management
  • executive lifestyle, nutrition and supplementation

The only way to wisdom is to convert nowledge into personal experience and so Dirk Anton has tried, tested and experimented with everything he proposes to his clients; whether it's a strategy for dealing with intense situations or a nutritional regime. 

'Geef je organisatie toekomst' is the book he co-authored to assist executives in creating a roadmap to the future and to help them overcome any situation they may encounter on their journey. The book combines powerful visuals with expert opinions and real-life experiences of Innovation Leaders.

Professional experience

After 5 years at Economic Affairs, Dirk Anton opened his private consulting practice Coherent Solutions in 1997. Main focus: change management and leadership development.

He was head-lecturer of the master 'Stress Management and Organizational Health' at the Benelux University (1999-2003). There he also tought classes at the masters 'Coaching & Counseling' and 'Psychology'. He was a board member of the International Forum for Organizational Health (1999-2012).

Executives and Innovation Leaders

Over the years his work started concentrating around working one-on-one with company executives and their teams. Dirk Anton is a natural fit to the high-performing complex characters usually found in these positions.

Fascinated by the often paradoxical traits of innovative key-executives, he has developed the Innovation Leadership Assessment. This gives a unique insight into their character, not covered by other personality profiles. It helps them understanding themselves better, staying balanced and on top of their game.